Highatus offers a premium selection of high-quality cannabis edibles, delivering a flavor and experience that will transport your body and mind to new heights. Our team has absolutely perfected these custom recipes over the last year and we are elated to finally share them with you. Using all natural ingredients and putting our focus on flavor above all else has resulted in a product that will keep customers coming back for more. We all need to disconnect on occasion to recharge &relax, take a break, and enjoy a Highatus on us! Cheers!


Our team of edible connoisseurs dedicated significant efforts in the research and development phase for Highatus with the aim of producing the perfect infused delicacies. Spanning a period of over 18 months, we cycled through over 100 various R&D recipes until we reached our goal. A large majority of our focus was on perfecting taste, recognizing that providing a product that’s delicious without an unpleasant flavor or artificial aftertaste would be crucial to customer satisfaction. Secondly, we ensured the final product nailed the ideal texture. With our gummies, we wanted them consistently soft (but not jelly like) while still maintaining that optimal level of chewiness. Lastly, we focused on dialing in unique formulations of various cannabinoids and terpenes in hopes of delivering unique, targeted effects, specific to each one of our flavors.


Aside from being some of the best tasting infused edibles on the planet, our team has taken great pride in creating a line of products that people can feel good ingesting. We know that edibles provide a tremendous alternative to smoking and wanted to ensure we are delivering that same top-level experience across our product offerings. We fine-tuned the ingredient lists during R&D to ensure we are sourcing responsibly and continuing our practice of integrity. Our recipes use only the best, healthiest ingredients possible that are free of chemicals and artificial dyes. Our line of gummy flavors are made with high-quality pectin and are vegan (gelatin-free), non-GMO, gluten free, and fat free. Our ChronBons use organic, fair-trade certified chocolate sourced from farming cooperatives throughout South America.


Although our gummies are solvent-based, we really wanted to create something special for all of our hash heads which resulted in our solventless ChronBons.  These small batch, handcrafted, delicious, chocolate enrobed confections, are infused with strain specific rosin derived from some of our favorite Cannabiotix in-house cultivars. Paired with fillings such as chocolate ganache, peanut butter& jelly, and caramel & sea salt, these confections will satisfy your chocolate cravings while also delivering a true to the strain effect with just the right amount of cannabis flavor. Made with only the finest chocolate and ingredients, these tasty full spectrum sweets are one-of-a-kind and will quickly become a favorite amongst our solventless fans.


Our team at Highatus embodies the same level of elevated passion, care, and attentiveness that is consistently put forward when it comes to growing our award winning Cannabiotix flowers.  All of our artisan grade edibles are handcrafted using the highest level of attention to detail with the utmost emphasis on Quality Control. Our internal processes are dialed in throughout the entire life cycle of each product. Starting with our kitchen where we create these fine treats, then moving into packaging and finally our distribution vehicles, we ensure that every batch is handled with care and gets delivered with the same love our customers can expect from us. Producing a consistent experience our community can rely on is what keeps us pushing.
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