Chron Bons


These solventless, hand crafted confections are created using a smooth, high-end artisan French chocolate. Every Highatus ChronBon is infused with strain specific rosin to deliver a unique, full spectrum, true to the cultivar effect. Highly unique and incredibly delicious, these rosin chocolates promise to be an instant hit and long-time love affair for any customers looking to enjoy solventless edibles. Take a break and enjoy!

All the Highatus Chronbons are infused with unique rosins made to be true to the cultivar effect, giving you that instant high you seek with all the deliciousness of chocolate. The Highatus Chronbons range includes:

1. Highatus Peanut Butter & Jelly Chronbons

Highatus Peanut Butter & Jelly Chronbons** **are made using a blend of L’Orange and Tropicanna rosin and infused using proprietary solvent-less techniques to create only the finest artisan dark chocolate and filled with peanut butter and savory strawberry jelly. It hits you with a mood-uplifting and euphoric high since it boasts Sativa terpenes, leaving you feeling extraordinarily buzzed and giddy with the deliciousness of the Orange Crush lineage.

2. Highatus Caramel & Sea Salt Chronbons

Highatus Caramel & Sea Salt Chronbons** are made using the Cereal Milk strain infused with **hybrid terpenes to give you the classic hybrid edible experience. They have a creamy caramel flavor with hints of sea salt that will awaken your taste buds and leave you with a relaxed high.

3. Highatus Chocolate Fudge Chronbons

Highatus Chocolate Fudge Chronbons** **contain hash from two award-winning Indica strains, the Kush Mountains and White Walker OG, perfectly infused using proprietary solvent-less techniques. Ideal for use during the night when you want to chill and relax.

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