THC Fruity Crisp

THC Fruity Crisp



A burst of color for your mind and taste buds. These gooey bars blend fruity cereal, chewy marshmallows, and potent THC and CBD.

  • :1 THC/CBD ratio
  • Chill fun
  • Freshly baked in-house
  • 100% federally legal
  • Pesticide-free

80 mg


A trip for your mouth and your mind. Fruit cereal just how you remember it, plus marshmallows for the mellowest high.

Euphoric Delta-9 THC balanced by calming CBD for a fun, chill high. Start with a quarter-bite and wait one to two hours before eating more.

1/4 to 1/2 bar. Not recommended for beginners



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THC Fruity Crisp